Christmas Wombat – book review

Christmas Wombat
by Jackie French
illustrated by Bruce Whatley
Picture book
* * * Stars (Pretty good)

Following the format of “Diary of a Wombat,” “Christmas Wombat” details the activities of a wombat as it goes about its day – resting, scratching, eating, and discovering…CARROTS!  After a delicious snack, the wombat curls up for a nap in Santa’s sleigh and then finds itself making the rounds on Christmas Eve as packages are delivered to homes all over the world.  The wombat is delighted by subsequent discoveries of carrots and opportunities for naps, and by the end of the story it is somewhat fatter (still sassy), and surprisingly NOT hungry for grass.

Wombats must have their own world view and be very particular about their likes, dislikes, and routines.  This wombat is no exception – stubborn, self-absorbed, focused focused focused on its daily business!  I loved “Diary of a Wombat,” which did a lovely job introducing wombats in a humorous way to a young audience.  Kids who are already familiar with that book should also enjoy “Christmas Wombat,” which also pokes fun at the wombat and its nature.  Bruce Whatley’s illustrations are just adorable – you will want to snuggle a wombat (not recommended) after reading this.

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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