This Moose Belongs to Me – book review

This Moose Belongs to Me
by Oliver Jeffers
Picture Book
* * * Stars (Pretty good)

When a moose enters Wilfred’s life, he just knows “that it was meant to be his.” He names his moose Marcel, and gives him some rules to follow in order to be a good pet. Marcel isn’t particularly invested in these rules and does whatever it is that he’s decided to do – regardless. You might say that he’s his own moose. Wilfred eventually realizes, after several other people seem to know Marcel and greet him using other names, that Marcel gets around. And that he probably has no legitimate claim on him. This works out well for both Wilfred and Marcel – Wilfred learns to let go, and Marcel…well, he goes on doing what mooses do. Adorable illustrations of Marcel the moose, being a moose and doing moose things, while Wilfred – a very proper and organized young man with a balloon-like head (he reminds me of my dad as a kid) – tries to get him to follow the rules. Story gets a little repetitive sometimes, but still amuses.

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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