Fahrenheit 451 – Read It and Rate It

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Fahrenheit 451
by Ray Bradbury
Science Fiction

Review #1
* * * Stars (Pretty good)
It’s about a future American society where books are illegal. If you have one it is required you get rid of it or you will be prosecuted. I liked it, but at the same time didn’t like it because it’s interesting why they didn’t want to learn anything new, they thought they knew everything they needed to. Didn’t like it because it was at times slow and boring.

Review #2
* * * * Stars (Great!)
Guy Montag is a firefighter who burns books because the government thinks of books as a threat because they give people ideas. Guy steals books and shows his wife, but she turns him in. His house is burnt down and he runs away from the mechanical hound that tries to kill him. He escapes and ends up meeting other men who have memorized books. Montag and the others see that the city is bombed and they return to help people. This book was good because it showed the importance of reading and having books.

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