Flawed – book review

Flawed duology, bk #1
by Cecelia Ahern
Science Fiction
* * * * Stars (Great!)

Celestine North has never questioned the Guild that enforces her country’s moral/ethical code until she finds herself in the middle of an incident on a bus where her own personal sense of what’s right trumps the law. She helps an old, Flawed man, who is clearly deathly ill, and her transgressions earn her a life sentence of being Flawed herself. The Guild decides to make an example of her when she is found to be unrepentant and refuses to apologize for her actions. Most people who are found Flawed are only branded once or twice, but Celestine receives 5 brands (plus an extra one from Judge Crevan himself). The branding is excruciating torture and Celestine’s life afterwards is just one awful experience after another. Everyone wants to use her for something – to further their own causes or careers – and she faces discrimination everywhere she goes. People who were her friends before no longer associate with her, and Celestine finds herself pretty much alone against the world. But she gradually comes to understand that her actions have some power and she may be able to use that to change the status quo. Friends, this is a thrilling, but torturous read. It will NOT restore your faith in people or the world, and you will feel all kinds of anger and despair on Celestine’s behalf. Will Celestine triumph over the powers that be? You’ll also have to read book 2 (Perfect) to find out! For high school teens.

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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