Mexikid – book review

by Pedro Martín
Graphic Novel
* * * Stars (Pretty good)

Peter/Pedro Martin is a Mexican-American and one of 9 kids (he’s the 7th-born in his family). This memoir is about how his folks decide to bring the whole family to Mexico so they can bring Abuelito (Pedro’s grandfather) back to live with them. He’s been alone since his wife passed away and Pedro’s parents have been trying to get him to move to the States for a long time now. Pedro learns that not only will Abuelito be sharing their house, he’ll also be in Pedro’s room and all the kids are going to have to downsize their possessions to make room (they’ll be given to the poor kids in Mexico). Apa (Pedro’s dad) buys an old motorhome and half the family travels in that, while the older kids drive down in a truck. It’s quite an adventure! Interspersed are details about Pedro’s family members, the times (late 1970s), pop culture (the Fonz!), and Mexico (what it was like then and how it was different from the States), as well as what it was like to be a part of two very different cultures. There are some very funny moments as well as some very disturbing ones (the deer story – which comes toward the end). Should appeal to those who enjoy humorous graphic memoirs. Published for middle school/high school audience.

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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