Last Days – Read It and Rate It

The Last Days: A Sequel to Peeps
sequel to “Peeps”
by Scott Westerfeld
Science Fiction

Review #1
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
In New York City, the summer brings strange things, but Pearl, Moz, Zahler, Min, and Alana Ray are just interested in their band. But, their lead singer in the band is affected with the disease that causes the strange things. And their songs might bring on the end of the world. I liked this whole book, even though I’m not a big sci-fi fan.

Review #2
* * Stars (Just ok)
In this book, which is the sequel to Peeps, the main characters are Moz, Zahler, Pearl, Alana-Ray, and Minerva. They are all in a band together as they watch New York crumble. When Minerva sings, she brings up the giant deadly worms. One time the Night Watch, a group of parasite carriers who control the parasite and fight the worms, sees this and they make Minerva bring up the worms. This book was okay because it is mostly about a group of kids trying to form a band, until the end when the worms come. It wasn’t very interesting.

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