Legends of Morana – Read It and Rate It

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Legends of Morana
by Ella Selvaggio

Review #1
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
Legends of Morana is a book about a realm of dragons. This book is by a local author, and the suspense is woven throughout the story is written extremely well. Appollo and his friends live peacefully in a cave. Then Appollo finds a dragon egg, which then hatches into a dragonet named Blaze. Strange events start happening after Blaze is hatched. In a different part of Morana, a shadow dragon and a light dragon have been kept captive their whole life. The story weaves into an epic climax, which leaves you wanting more. Definitely a must-read!

Review #2
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
Legends of Morana by Ella Selvaggio is a must-read! This book by a local author is constructed around a world called Morana. The main characters are dragons. Appollo and his dragon friends’ lives change after they find an egg, which soon hatches a baby dragon. Every single moment of the book, I always was wanting to turn the page. The suspense and excitement in this book are extremely well-written. For people who like reading books about dragons, definitely read this one!

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