Love, Aubrey – book review

Love, Aubrey
by Suzanne LaFleur
Realistic Fiction
* * * * Stars (Great!)

After reading Love, Aubrey, I’d like to meet her!  She is someone who tells you how it is, doesn’t sugarcoat the truth.  She’s the kind of friend each of us needs during a difficult time or the best of times.  When we first meet Aubrey, she is alone and doesn’t know where her Mom is.  She is tough and ready to survive on her own, even at the young age of eleven.  Once Grandma finds her alone, Aubrey is allowed to be a kid again, but she will have to move and live with Grandma for a while.  It’s not easy to make all these changes, so Aubrey clings to a familiar friend. She also makes new friends and even a best friend whose family treats her as their own.  This is a story of a strong girl in tough circumstances.  You will find yourself rooting for her until the end!

Review by Michelle Mattes, Youth Services Staff


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