Mike – book review

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by Andrew Norriss
Realistic Fiction
* * * * Stars (Great!)

Floyd is a tennis prodigy who finds himself in therapy when a guy named Mike starts appearing at and interfering in his tennis matches. Isn’t that something the authorities should handle? In this case, no, since Floyd is the only one who can see Mike. With the help of his doctor, Floyd learns that Mike is a projection of a part of himself, and that Mike will probably go away once Floyd figures out what he wants. It takes some time to get Mike to talk, but when he does, his revelation completely floors Floyd – Mike (some part of Floyd) really isn’t that into tennis. When Floyd really thinks about it, he realizes that Mike is right. Tennis isn’t fun anymore. But what can he do? His parents’ happiness is contingent on Floyd’s turning pro.

Tennis is just where this all starts. This book is really about how your inner voice can guide you to make choices that will lead to happiness, love, success, and…treasure! A quick, uplifting story that will encourage readers to look for their own Mikes.

Reviewed by YA Librarian