Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur – book review

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur
Vol. 1: BFF
written by Amy Reeder & Brandon Montclare
art by Natacha Bustos
Comics/Graphic Novel
Science Fiction
* * * * Stars (Great!)

9-year-old Lunella (Moon Girl) is frantically searching for the Omni-Wave Projector so that she can use it to reverse engineer a cure for humans who have been affected by the Terrigen cloud (those who have inhuman genes that change when exposed to this chemical). She’s finally retrieved it when cavemen known as the “Killer-Folk” from the past come crashing through a temporal gate with an enormous red Tyrannosaurus Rex (Devil Dinosaur!) in hot pursuit. The wrest the device from her and the T-Rex lays waste to the city, which gets Lunella into big trouble with authorities and her folks. Although she promises to try to be a “normal” girl, it doesn’t last and Lunella has to use her smarts (and science!) to free her now dinosaur friend, save the city, and regain the device. Unfortunately, it may be too late for those who are vulnerable to the cloud.

Lunella is a serious inventor and scientist who doesn’t have time for a normal childhood. She’s scared of what the Terrigen may do to her (and to others who have inhuman genes) and determined to find some way to stop their transformations. Her fearlessness in the face of raging dinosaurs and authority figures (like the Hulk) is pretty impressive, however. Moon Girl is one to watch in the field of smart female superheroes who are saving the world. Plus she now has an awesome dinosaur sidekick. Readers who may want some more background on Devil Dinosaur (and Moon Boy) can check out Jack Kirby’s “Devil Dinosaur, the Complete Collection.”

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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