My Last Summer with Cass – book review

My Last Summer with Cass
by Mark Crilley
Graphic Novel
Realistic Fiction
* * * * Stars (Great!)

When they were little, Megan and Cass used to spend part of each summer together at a rental cabin with their parents. Both of them loved art and collaborating on pieces together. When they drew on the wall of the rental, the owner even praised their talent! Cass’ parents end up divorcing and the families stop vacationing together, but the summer before Megan’s senior year of high school, she talks her parents into letting her stay with Cass for a few weeks in Brooklyn. Cass and Megan reconnect powerfully, and Cass takes her all over the city and introduces her to her artist friends. They make a painting together that expresses their anger and frustration with their fathers (Cass’ dad was verbally abusive and a liar, Megan’s has her life planned out for her) and plan to show it at a gallery opening. But when Megan’s parents change their plans and are in town for the show, Megan chickens out. She can’t let them see it – they won’t understand, and it will destroy her chances of ever going to art school. She does something horrible, something she can’t take back or fix, and by doing so, she may have destroyed her friendship with Cass.

There’s a powerful current of energy running through this story of art, friendship, and self-discovery. Girls coming into their own as women and discovering themselves through their art and experiences. Enjoyed this.

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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