Nightmare Academy (Peretti) – Read It and Rate It

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Nightmare Academy
The Veritas Project #1
by Frank Peretti
Thriller (Great!)
* * * * Stars

This is a great book! It’s mysterious and spooky, and it always keeps you on your toes! The story is about Elijah and Elisha Springfield and their parents, Sarah and Nate, who are undercover FBI agents. The twins, both age 16, go undercover as two runaway kids. They do this because the government found a runaway kid who was half-crazed when they found him. The poor boy was named Alvin Rodgers, he always answered, “I don’t know,” to anything the Springfields asked him. He only knows where he was last, the so-called “Nightmare Academy.” To find out what happened to Alvin, the twins go undercover and are somehow kidnapped and taken to the “Knight-moore Acaademy.” There, they make friends, foes, and shocking discoveries. There, truth has meaning and the twins believe everything they know may be a lie.