Skippyjon Jones – book review

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Skippyjon Jones
by Judy Schachner
Picture Book
* * * Stars (Pretty good)

Skippyjon Jones is a Siamese kitten whose mother sends him to his room after finding him curled up in a bird’s nest – he needs to do some “serious thinking before you leave this room, Mr. Fuzzy Pants, about just what it means to be a CAT.” It doesn’t take Skippyjon long to imagine himself as somewhere (and something) else, though, once she leaves. He takes on the persona of El Skippito, the Mexican Chihuahua and famous swordfighter. As Skippito he helps rid Los Chimichangos (a band of Chihuahuas that he meets in his travels) themselves of the Great Bumblebeeto (a giant bee who has stolen all of their beans). Skippito slays the bee, and all of the beans it had previously ingested come pouring out. When we return to the real world, Skippyjon is laying amidst the destruction of his birthday piñata (candy everywhere!), which was hidden in his closet by his mother. Skippyjon, with his huge ears and head and teensy-tiny body, does bear some resemblance to the Chihuahua, in this colorful, energetic picture book. Peppered with Spanish words and phrases (as well as some inventive, made-up Spanglish), you’ll find yourself reading (or imagining) this aloud – with the appropriate Mexican-Chihuahua accent. Not sure if this is politically correct, but it sure is fun!

Reviewed by YA Librarian