Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous – book review

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Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous
by Suzanne Park
Realistic Fiction
* * * Stars (Pretty good)

Sunny Song, also known as “Goggle Girl” from her social media minute of fame, has been trying to increase her audience/views and monetize her virtual presence – possibly to the detriment of everything else (academics, activities, family, friendships). After her brownie baking video goes viral and almost gets her expelled from school, Sunny is forced to attend a summer detox camp to wean her from her social media and her devices. She has other plans that include using a burner phone to create and upload content from her camp experiences to share on her accounts, and her best friend (on the outside) is going to help her. Camp somehow gets to her, despite being very much what she expected, and as the weeks go by Sunny feels less connected to her virtual life and more connected to the people around her – rediscovering activities she used to like (but no longer had time for), and finding summer love. Although there are some whiplash moments where chapters end abruptly, Sunny’s story of self discovery (and recovery?) is sweet and her heart is definitely in the right place (it just takes a little while for her family and the other adults in her life to see things from her point of view).

Reviewed by YA Librarian