Girl in the Castle Inside the Museum – book review

The Girl in the Castle Inside the Museum
by Kate Bernheimer and Nicoletta Ceccoli
Picture book
The Girl in the Castle inside the Museum is an interesting piece of writing for the young reader.  It is certainly a concept that will stir the imagination.

In the book there is a museum and in the museum there is a globe which houses a castle in which a little girl lives.  If one looks really hard the girl might be seen.  It is a very beautiful castle.  Still, the girl in the castle gets lonely.  She likes when the children are in the museum.  At night, when the museum is empty she dreams of children who come and visit her.  The reader is asked to place a picture of oneself in the book so the girl can dream of the reader.  It is nicely engaging.

The book is well written and quite original.  The most beautiful part of the book, however, is the illustrations.  Nicoletta Ceccoli creates some truly gorgeous artwork with muted colors.  She gives the pictures an almost hazy appearance that lends to the dream quality of this book.

I would definitely recommend reading this book.

Review by Stacy Zion, Youth Services staff

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