Silversix – book review

silver sixThe Silversix
by AJ Lieberman
Artwork by Darren Rawlings
Graphic Novel
Science FictionTween Graphic Novel/Science Fiction/Dystopia

Phoebe is able to avoid detection for a year after her parents die in a shuttle explosion orchestrated by the evil Mr. Craven of the Craven Mining Corporation (which has a monopoly on the world’s fuel source – Hydro-2), but then someone manages to track a file transfer from her parents’ ship to her apartment, and she’s taken into custody by Child Welfare Services.  There, she meets several other kids whose parents were also on the Freedom shuttle.  They learn that each of them has a “Moon Registry” document, embedded with some kind of chip, which gives the coordinates of the moon their parents discovered while they were on a mission to discover alternative fuel sources.  Calling themselves the “Silversix,” the orphans make their way to the moon and learn the truth about their parents’ deaths.  They are recaptured, but not before they are able to make their case to Craven’s head crony – a former orphan like themselves.  Craven’s victory seems assured until he tries to blow up the moon and instead unlocks its huge energy potential.This fast-paced, environmentally-sensitive science fiction story will have readers rooting for the Silversix from the get-go.  A happy ending for all the orphans on their new home – the moon – satisfies.* * * * Stars (Great!)

Reviewed by YA Librarian


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