Things Not Seen – Read It and Rate It

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Things Not Seen
by Andrew Clements
Science Fiction

Review # 1
* * * * Stars (Great!)
When a boy wakes up invisible one morning he decides that the only way he can go out is by covering up with clothes. When his parents find out they start researching to help him. Then he meets a blind girl. They’re able to meet each other and she can’t see him anyway, because she’s blind. Read to see if a cure is found!

Review # 2
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
This book is about a boy who wakes up…invisible! He tries to conquer all of the problems that come up and try to find a way back. At the same time, he tries to keep it a secret from the public. This book becomes an adventurous book that you just don’t want to put down!

Review # 3
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
I loved this book because it has sort of realistic fiction (about a normal teen) with a pinch of science fiction to add the final touch.

Review # 4
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
Bobby wakes up invisible one day. He runs around naked to stay invisible and runs into a blind girl at the library. A romance builds between the two while Bobby figures out who he really is while he’s invisible.