Toll – book review

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The Toll
Arc of a Scythe #3
by Neal Shusterman
Science Fiction
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)

The fates of Scythes Anastasia and Lucifer seemed sealed when they sank along with the island of Endura, but a salvage mission into those waters retrieved their deadish bodies and they were revived – 3 years later. Meanwhile, the Scythe Goddard proclaimed himself High Blade, holding dominion over all Scythes, and began changing Scythe laws and practices surrounding gleaning, and focusing his efforts on exterminating his opposition – whether they be Scythes or other undesirables, like the Tonists. The Tonists themselves are becoming more organized and more powerful under their figurehead, the Toll (Greyson), who is the only person who has not been declared “unsavory” by the Thunderhead (the AI that oversees everything). The agendas of the new age Scythes (like Goddard) and the traditional Scythes (like Anastasia) are at loggerheads, while the Thunderhead has secret plans for the survival of humanity. All of these threads come together in an explosive and exciting clash. A fascinating conclusion to this trilogy.

Reviewed by YA Librarian