Volunteens Volunteer Agreement

This form details the expectations we have for our volunteers. Please read through the list and acknowledge that you have reviewed and understood these items, then check the box and enter your name below.


  • Arrive on time for in-person volunteer shifts and be ready to focus on your assignment/project
  • Submit assignments by the due date (if applicable/volunteering virtually)
  • Sign in and out at the library's Information Desk (the volunteer supervisor will keep track of your hours if you need a record of your service - if you have a separate time sheet for your school/other organization, please bring that as well)
  • Wear a Volunteen badge (provided when you volunteer) to identify yourself to library staff and patrons
  • Be courteous and respectful to others
  • Do not socialize with friends, family, acquaintances while you are volunteering
  • Keep your conversations at a low volume so as not to disturb others in the library
  • Set your phone/mobile device to low volume/vibrate/silent while you are volunteering
  • Dress appropriately for the work you are going to be doing (clean, neat, comfortable)
  • Notify the volunteer supervisor as soon as possible if you can't make it in to volunteer
  • Set a positive example for other library patrons with your behavior
  • Ask questions or get help if you need assistance or don't understand something
  • Refer library patrons to library staff if they have questions (send them to the Information or Children's or Check Out Desks)

  • I understand...

  • I am not entering into an employment relationship with the Huntley Area Public Library District and that I am not entitled to receive a salary or any employee benefits, including workers' compensation.
  • Either the Library or I may terminate this volunteer relationship at any time without notice.
  • I have an obligation to respect the confidentiality of any information that the Library requires a person to provide in order for that person to become eligible to borrow books and other materials and participate in library activities (library patron information). I also understand that I must respect the confidentiality of any information identifying individuals borrowing particular books or materials (circulation record information). I understand that my obligation of confidentiality continues into perpetuity.
  • The Library does not provide liability insurance for volunteers, does not provide insurance coverage for personal vehicles, and does not indemnify volunteers for liability they may incur by the performance of their gratuitous seervices for any library patron or the Library.
  • That repeated absences, no shows, and/or inappropriate behavior will result from dismissal from the program.
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