Bart Simpson: Out to Lunch – Read It and Rate It

Bart Simpson: Out to Lunch
by Matt Groening

Review #1
* * * * Stars (Great!)
I like this book very much because it is very funny and has many plots that I enjoy. I like when Milhouse and Bart had a competition for being the best class clown in school that goes way too far. I also enjoy the plot when Lisa was asked to go to the dance with a handsome boy, but tha tboy just wanted to make his ex jealous so they could get back together. When Bart comes in he helps Lisa with her problems that makes her much happier and then when she goes to the dance things turn around and the boy wants Lisa but Lisa refuses. I like how Matt Groening shows the actions of the characters that reveals the characters feelings and who they are. Also, I like how Matt Groening put as many details into his art work that he can. I like Matt Groening’s artwork because he draws the most funniest moments and actions that makes me laugh.

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