Bart Simpson: Out to Lunch

Bart Simpson: Out to Lunch by Matt Groening Comics Humor * * * * Stars (Great!) I like this book very much because it is very funny and has many plots that I enjoy. I like when Milhouse and Bart had a competition for being the best class clown in school that goes way too far. I also enjoy the plot when Lisa was asked to go to the dance with a handsome boy, but … Read more

Garfield Keeps His Chins Up

Garfield Keeps His Chins Up by Jim Davis Comics * * * * Stars (Great!) I liked this book because I thought it was funny and cute. It was funny and it showed the way a fat lazy cat would react as a human. He hates Mondays, John, Odie, and going to the vet. He loves eating, sleeping, kicking Odie, waking up John in the morning, ruining John’s dates, and performing on fences. When he … Read more


Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis artwork by John Romita Jr. Comics Graphic Novel Review #1 * * * * 1/2 Stars (Great!) Arc 1: The Avengers face Kang and their children from the future.  Arc 2: The Hood gets his hand on the Infinity Gauntlet.  Brian Michael Bendis’ work is great – excellent stories. John Romita Jr.’s art is slipping from its high standards.

Book of Bunny Suicides

The Book of Bunny Suicides by Andy Riley Comics Graphic Novel Humor Review #1 * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) OMG! This is probably the funniest book I’ve ever read! It’s a comic strip book and is short, but is worth reading. It’s about different bunny suicide attempts. And these bunnies get creative. From crawling under a space shuttle about to lift off to messing with aliens, this is a hilarious book. *And there’s … Read more