City of Nightmares – book review

City of Nightmares
By Rebecca Schaeffer
* * * * Stars (Great!)

When 19-year-old Ness’ sister transformed into a giant spider and laid waste to their home – killing their father and then rampaging on through their neighborhood – Ness was traumatized and developed a very reasonable fear of spiders. Orphaned and in need of help, she sought out the Friends of the Restful Soul – an agency (cult) that took her in and gave her shelter and lots and lots of therapy. Ness was able to successfully transform her fear of spiders into a fear of ALL Nightmares, which is what people become if they are allowed to dream, and is why Ness religiously drinks city water and takes medications that keep her from dreaming. After screwing up yet another task she’s been assigned, Ness manages to secure a job she’s sure she can handle – delivering the mail – which also ends in disaster. The boat she’s on explodes and she’s forced to trust a vampire to save her from drowning. When they return to land, they realize that the explosion was the act of assassins and must quickly figure out who they are, who hired them, and why all of the people on the boat were targeted. Darkly humorous and full of horrifying Nightmares (folks who have become their worst fears)! Plenty of leftover mischief for a sequel (and readers will want one)! For older teens – high school +

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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