East of Eden – Read It and Rate It

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East of Eden
by John Steinbeck
Historical Fiction

Review #1
* * Stars (Just ok)
Set in the Salinas Valley, California, Steinbeck tells in immense detail the story of two families and how their stories intertwine. The Hamilton family is based off of Steinbeck’s family. This book is hard to read because the details are sometimes “too descriptive,” and it becomes hard to follow.

Review #2
* Star (A waste of time!)
“East of Eden” was about 2 families, the Hamiltons and the Trasks who seem like polar opposites until they inevitably get joined together. The story follows their lives for many years. It contains many biblical references, which is why I hated it. The story was boring and too long and I didn’t understand most of the references. My favorite page was the last page because it meant the story was over. I do not advise you to read this book under any circumstances.