Not Your Typical Monday — Or What We Like to Call, Trashing the Trailers

It’s not a typical Monday at the Huntley Area Public Library. The day usually begins with a cup of coffee and a quick recap of what we have going on this week. Not today. Today on a rather gray, rainy morning, the construction crew was hard at work demolishing the temporary trailers that used to be the Children’s Area of the library and the program room. Didn’t know they were trailers? We hear that a lot, but they were, and the team that installed them many years ago did an outstanding job making them appear as if they were always there. They were not brand new when they were added and had some wear and tear on them. At this point, the trailers would not be of use to anyone and while we know many families have many treasured memories from past events held in those trailers, it is time for them to go.

As Phase One of the library’s building program begins, we are so thankful that we were able to utilize the trailers to temporarily provide additional space and offer programs at the library. We are even more thankful that they are going away to make room for your bigger and better library. Stay tuned for more photos and details during this exciting phase of the project.

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