Emily of Deep Valley – Read It and Rate It

Emily of Deep Valley
by Maud Hart Lovelace
Historical Fiction
Realistic Fiction

Review #1
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
It’s at the end of the school year, and all of the exciting events are occurring. There’s the Junior-Senior dance, dresses to be made, the parade, and of course, Commencement day in which orations are given, and the seniors are officially graduated. Emily Webster is a quiet, shy, and socially awkward girl who is just as excited as the rest of her class to be graduating. One large thing distinguishes the rest of the class of 1912 and her, however: the rest are either going to universities or colleges, with the exception of a few who are getting married. Emily, on the other hand, is staying home. She has to, for she has a grandfather; a grandfather she loves dearly, but one with whom she has to stay, even when all of her friends are leaving. As a person who loves education, and deeply wants to pursue more learning, this hits the hardest for her. Nevertheless, she must perk up and hide her true feelings from her grandfather, lest he discover why she feels left out. Through the next year, Emily must survive, learn how to cope, and maybe discover her true feelings…for both life and another person.

This book is an excellent read, not just for outgoing or incoming seniors, but for people in different stages of life. One of the many themes is the feeling of being left behind, while all of your friends are off doing something you desperately want. In this way, the book is relatable. In this way, the book is both wise beyond its years and a perfect read; timeless, well-structured, and incredibly interesting. For middle and high school teens + adults.

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