False Prince – Read It and Rate It

The False Prince
by Jennifer Nielsen

Review #1
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
Sage is an orphaned child who’s hit a stroke of luck. Connor, a wealthy politician has adopted Sage and a few other boys to “try out” for the replacement of the late Prince Jaron. But what will happen to those who aren’t chosen? I thoroughly enjoyed this audiobook, as it was fresh, exciting, and kept me interested. Also, it was very clean, making it very readable for all ages. I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Review #2
* * * * Stars (Great!)
Sage is an orphan when Conner buys him and 3 other boys.  And Sage has no idea why.  But when Conner tells him what he’s going to do with them, Sage thinks it’s treasonous.  Only one of the boys will make the cut, but what will happen to the others?  What if Sage isn’t the one chosen?  What will Conner do to him?

Review #3
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
The book was about a boy who had to pretend he was the crown prince after the royal family died. I liked the book because it was pretty exciting, and it was a really fun book to read.

Review #4
* * * * Stars (Great!)
Sage has to pretend to be a prince or else die. He has to take the throne without being found out. I liked this book because it was surprising.

Review #5
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
In the beginning of the book, you meet a character named Sage. Sage is an orphan partially surviving on the streets, but also living at an orphanage in the kingdom of Avenia. However, his whole life changes once he meets a man named Conner. Conner has picked out Sage, along with 2 other orphans (Roden & Tobias) for his own purposes. Nonetheless, Sage plays along with Conner’s plans. Especially because he has no choice. It turns out that Conner wants one of th eboys to become an impostor – to imitate a prince. A dead prince. To save the kingdrom of Cartha, one boy must be chosen as a prince. What will happen to the boys who are not chosen? The odds won’t be so good for those boys. The boys are all supposed to try their best as they compete to become the prince. Sage has a different attitude on everything – he doesn’t want to be the prince, and he pretty much loathes Conner. Which boy will Conner choose? Will Carthya be saved? Fans of John Flannagan’s Ranger Apprentice series should read these books. Although they are rougher, they are still enjoyable, and will keep you on your feet with action, adventure, romance, and surprises. For middle & high school teens + adults.

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