Allegiant – Read It and Rate It

Divergent #3
by Veronica Roth
Science Fiction

Review #1
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
Allegiant, the final book in the Divergent series, takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotions as it brings the world of Tris, Tobias, Caleb, Christina, and the rest of the characters to a close.  Allegiant was an impressive ending, and Veronica Roth should continue writing as she obviously has been extremely gifted in that aspect.

Review #2
* * * Stars (Pretty good)
Allegiant is the third book of the Divergent series.  Tris must make dangerous choices after seeing the shocking video of the real reason for the Factions.  As the last book of the trilogy, this book was not a good finish.  I thought it was only pretty good due to the ending, which I did not like.

Review #3
* * * * Stars (Great!)
This is the last book of the battle with Tris.  As Tris is still fighting for her life she comes face to face with one of the most dangerous situations.  I liked this book because I didn’t want to put it down.

Review #4
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
It starts with the main character Beatrice inside a prison for revealing information about the city.  She lies her way out of jail, she approaches a group named Allegiant.  They want to get out of the city.  They take a train to the Outside where Tori dies.  Once they reach the Bureau Tris finds things out about her mother she never knew before.  It was a great way to end the series.

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