Friendship According to Humphrey – Read It and Rate It

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website builders Friendship According to Humphrey
According to Humphrey series #2
by Betty G. Birney

Review #1
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
“Friendship According to Humphrey” is a must read. The book starts out with Humphrey going back to school and Mrs. Brisbane hinting at a surprise. The surprise turns out to be Og the frog. Humphrey tries to be friendly, but Og is silent. The class in room 26 is writing poems, and nothing rhymes with Humphrey! When Humprey goes home with AJ on the bus, he meets a bully named Martin Bean who is mean. After the weekend, when Humphrey is going back to school, he scares Martin Bean by running in circles on his leg. Humphrey finally manages to become friend with Og. “Friendship According to Humprey” is a very enjoyable book.