Trouble According to Humphrey – Read It and Rate It

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Trouble According to Humphrey
According to Humphrey series #3
by Betty G. Birney

Review #1
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
“Trouble According to Humprey” is an enjoyable book. In Room 26, a town called “Humpreyville” is invented and there are also ‘jobs.’ When Humphrey gets out of his cage, he gets Miranda in trouble, and she is ‘fired.’ Humphrey feels awful, because he can get out of his cage and it wasn’t Miranda’s fault at all. When Mandy (who is a student in Room 26) takes him home for the weekend, Humphrey notes her family is very complainsome. After he is at the Payne’s (Mandy’s family), all Mandy’s siblings and Mandy herself get sick, and her family blames Humphrey! Humprey and Og have to go to the Brisbane’s house (that’s the teacher and her husband) and then Mr. Brisbane finds old vegetables and thinks he is sick (thankfully he is not). This is a reread, but still enjoyable.

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