Furious – Read It and Rate It

by Jill Wolfson

Review #1
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
Three girls are introduced, all leading separate lives, having different problems, and going to the same school. One thing they have in common is their hot tempers. Very easily do they get mad, and when they do, precautions must be taken. Ambrosia, a classmate, calls all three to her house one day, to get to know them. Instead, she ignites their fury and tries to make them stand up for what they believe in, and do it in the most spiteful way: by getting revenge and getting even. Ambrosia vows to make Meg’s (main character) foster mother suffer for making Meg her personal slave. Thinking it’s a fantasy game, Meg agrees, not knowing what else is to come. As the book proceeds, the girls find that Ambrosia’s intentions are unclear, as well as how they should harness their powers. Soon, the three girls realize that it is their job to punish those who have made others sad, suffer, or lower their self-esteem. One by one they choose their victims carefully, until they too begin to understand what it means to be FURIOUS.


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