Inheritance Games – Read It and Rate It

The Inheritance Games
Inheritance Games trilogy, book #1
by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Realistic Fiction

Review #1
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
Avery Grambs is a poor teenage girl who lives with her sister. She works hard to earn money and to someday get into a good school. Everything changes when a billionaire named Tobias Hawthorne dies and Avery is summoned to his mansion. According to the will, Tobias leaves his entire fortune to Avery causing the Hawthorne family to turn against her. Avery has no idea why she is receiving all of the money and land, and she also doesn’t know who she can trust. In order to receive the inheritance, Avery needs to move into the Hawthorne mansion filled with puzzles, mysteries, and the 4 Hawthorne grandsons – mysterious, intelligent boys who thought they would be the ones inheriting the money. Will they help her find out why she is there, or will they trick her and use her to receive the money? I love that all of the puzzles and clues add up in the end. My mind is blown while reading how things turn out. I also love how there is a bit of a love triangle , it adds romance to the story. I also love how the story kicks off right away. It is not a slow book. For middle and high school teens.

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