Kimi ni Todoke – Read It and Rate It

Kimi ni Todoke
by Karuho Shiina
Graphic Novel
Realistic Fiction
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)

Kimi ni Todoke is about a 15 year old girl (but then she turns 16 later on). She is very shy and she has very long black hair. She is actually really nice, but she has no friends because she’s an outsider because of the way she looks. She’s actually really pretty. Her name is Sawako Kuronuma. Someone actually accidentally called her Sadako instead of Sawako when she was younger. And because her nickname was Sadako, people started spiritual and horror rumors about her. People said she had magical bad luck abilities and if you sit in her chair you’ll be possessed. So people avoided her. She was ALWAYS alone. But she was happy. People thought she was gloomy because her face is so stiff! Until one day, she met a guy named Kazehaya! He was the complete opposite and he was popular! Because of him she was given many opportunities to be more open!

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