Lunar Chronicles series – Read It and Rate It

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Lunar Chronicles series
by Marissa Meyer
Science Fiction

Review #1
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
Get lost in the Lunar Chronicles, it’s a fun-filled and exciting adventure kind of book series. You’ll meet many new people who you’ll fall in love with. The book starts out with showing the main problem, then as the series goes on it shows how this problem came to be. Queen Levana and Cinder have many different problems because Cinder is a shell and Levana hates shells. She tried to hunt her down and try to execute her, but she got saved by the doctor. She went to a place to find help to defeat Levana and ends up meeting Scarlet and Wolf. Wolf is a soldier, but since he loves Scarlet he tries to fight against his own kind. In the next book you meet a new character, Cress, and she has very long hair. She falls in love with a criminal who has been helping Cinder. Fairest is the next book and it’s all about why Queen Levana is who she is. Then you can’t wait to see the last book about Winter. When you read Fairest you’ll see why you need to read Winter. This is a thrilling book series and it will throw you for a loop. Once you see the truth behind each character you’ll understand why you can’t wait to read the next book.