Nyxia Unleashed – book review

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Nyxia Unleashed 
Nyxia #2
by Scott Reintgen
Science Fiction
* * * Stars (Pretty good)

The Babel corporation has misled its young Genesis crews countless times, and now that the teens are on the alien world Eden (Magnia), they have a chance to hear another side of the story – that of Magnia’s inhabitants, the Adamites (as Babel calls them) or the Imago (as they call themselves). As the Emmett and Morning and the others on their team carry out their mission (mining the mysterious but malleable substance nyxia), they learn more about their surroundings and their hosts. After Emmett is kidnapped by a rogue Imago, Babel and the Imago speed up their timeline for bringing the Genesis team to their inner sanctum. This plays into both species’ strategies. Babel has designs on Magnia itself, and the Imago have a perilous secret that they can only share with the Genesis team.

A high-octane continuation of the events that began in “Nyxia.” Fans of the first book will be eagerly anticipating landfall and the meeting between the Genesis team and the Imago. While there are some differences in the aliens’ appearance, world, and culture, there are far more similarities between the Imago and humans. It’s a little bit disappointing. Still, the Imago’s startling revelation changes everything, and it will be interesting to see how events play out in the final installment of this trilogy.

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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