Other Family Doctor – book review

The Other Family Doctor: A Veterinarian Explores What Animals Can Teach Us About Love, Life, and Mortality
by Karen Fine, DVM
* * * * Stars (Great!)

Karen Fine’s grandfather was her inspiration for becoming a veterinarian. His patients were human, but Karen admired the commitment and care he offered them (he practiced in South Africa and made house calls). She writes about her experiences in vet school, which is arguably at least as challenging as medical school, and some of the ethical dilemmas she faced. After working full-time in a few different practices, she decided to start her own business, making house calls to patients. This provided her a unique opportunity to observe pets in their homes and meet with her clients in person – which was not always possible in a clinic setting. She also shares stories about her own pets, their medical issues, and her struggles with grief over their loss. Very heartfelt and beautiful. Fans of nonfiction animal stories and aspiring vets will love this. Warning: At least one beloved dog that you’ve become attached to dies. Published for adults, but older teens may also enjoy this.

Reviewed by YA Librarian


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