Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper

out of my mind.jpg

Juvenile Fiction, Realistic Fiction

Can you imagine being one of the smartest kids in school and not being able to speak? Melody is a bright, humorous eleven-year-old who just wants to fit in and be with other kids her age. But because she is in a wheelchair and cannot speak, she has been in a Special Education class, until now. Finally, she will get to see what it’s like for everyone else in school…sort of. There are many struggles as Melody works to find her voice. And even when she does have a voice, she still isn’t always heard. Out of my Mind will not only make you think twice the next time you see someone with a disability, but Melody simply reminds us that first impressions don’t always tell the whole story.

**** Stars (Really Good!)

Reviewed by Michelle M., Youth Services Assistant


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