Slated – book review

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Slated trilogy #1
by Teri Terry
Science Fiction
* * * * Stars (Great!)

Kyla is one of the Slated – her memories have been erased to give her a clean slate and she’s just been given clearance to go home with a new family.  As part of her contract, she must wear a monitoring bracelet (a Levo) that measures her mood – if she drops below a certain level, it will zap her into unconsciousness.  Kyla’s sister, Amy, is also Slated, and she tries to help Kyla adjust to her new life.  Kyla quickly learns that many people are prejudiced against the Slated.  Also, she’s quite different from the other Slated she meets – she can think for herself, keep secrets, and can even outsmart her Levo under certain circumstances.  Kyla would like to focus on her art and a possible relationship with Ben, but the more she learns about the Slated and the secrecy surrounding them, the more she needs to know.  Who was she and what did she do before she was Slated?  Terrifying fragments of memories come back to her in nightmares, compelling her to find answers.  An intriguing and well-built dystopian world that completely sucks you in.  Readers’ hearts will be pounding right alongside Kyla’s as she struggles to uncover her identity.

Reviewed by YA Librarian