Tea Dragon Festival – book review

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The Tea Dragon Festival
by Katie O’Neill
Graphic Novel
* * * * Stars (Great!)

Rinn is out gathering herbs and vegetables one day when she comes across an ancient shrine and disturbs a sleeping dragon. The dragon, Aedhan was charged to look after the shrine and Rinn’s village, but fell into an enchanted sleep – 80 years ago – from which he has only just now been awakened. Rinn convinces Aedhan to return to the village with her where he meets the other villagers. Meanwhile, Rinn’s Uncle Erik and his partner Heskiel are searching for a mysterious forest spirit who has been putting people to sleep for decades. Find out what they discover and how Aedhan fulfills his responsibilities. Filled with diverse characters and adorable tea dragons, and depicting a community that shares and cares for all of its members, this is a lovely companion to “The Tea Dragon Society.”

Reviewed by YA Librarian