Theft of Sunlight – Read It and Rate It

The Theft of Sunlight
Dauntless Path series, book #2
by Intisar Khanani

Review #1
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
“The Theft of Sunlight” is a gorgeous and riveting story set against a dark, lush world inspired by middle eastern fantasy. Khanani spins a tale of intrigue, captivating you in the deceivingly glittering palaces and ethereal beauty of Menaiya, all whilst a chilling secret lurks just beyond the next page. Amraeya ni Ansarim has seen children going missing from her kingdom for longer than she can remember. All of them soon turn into nothing more than hushed whispers and distant memories. When her friend’s sister goes missing, Rae knows that she will not let her become a memory like the rest. Even if it means seeking answers from the royal court, where Rae knows she doesn’t belong. There’s more to the court than Rae had presumed, however, and becomes attendant to the foreign princess. Rae searches for clues in the dark city streets, armed with the princess’s support and the help of a street thief who is not entirely whom he seems. As she sinks deeper and deeper into a vast pit of tantalizing secrets, Rae begins to learn with dawning horror, that the more she finds, the more she puts herself (and perhaps the whole kingdom) in danger.

One of the things I ADORED about this book was the fact that the world of Menaiya is so expertly woven together, that I can imagine everything as I read. It makes everything so much more vivid and captivating. And beyond that, Rae is not only a character that I love, but I can bizarrely relate to. Rae is very different from others, and she’s only invited herself ridicule both outside and inside the palace. She finds acceptance in the most unexpected places, however, and it’s a reassurance. For middle & high school teens.

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