Tokyo Ever After – Read It and Rate It

Tokyo Ever After
book #1
by Emiko Jean
Realistic Fiction

Review #1
* * * Stars (Pretty good)
Izumi has always felt like she’s never fit in and seen as different due to her racial features. Since Izumi lives in a mostly white, northern part of California. She and her friends stumble upon the hidden identity of her father when curiosity gets the best of them. They figure out her father’s identity as the Crown Prince of Japan. This changes everything for Izumi. Her surroundings, how people treat her, and curiosity to find out who she truly is. While on her journey, she finds an attractive bodyguard who might just be her soulmate. I loved the tension between Izumi and her bodyguard, but I didn’t think there was enough interaction and tension for their slow burn love. For middle + high school teens + adults.

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