Undead Ed – book review

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Undead Ed
Book #1
by Rotterly Ghoulstone
* * * * Stars (Great!)

Thirteen year old Ed is pretty unlucky. After being hit by a semi, he comes back as a zombie and his left arm immediately detaches from the rest of him, crawls away, and vows to kill Ed if it ever sees him again. Uh-oh. Ed’s whirlwind introduction to “life” as one of the newly undead is fraught with dangers and horrors. His werewolf “Dead Buddy” attempts to show him the ropes, but between being chased by ghouls (they look like fat babies), and being menaced by Ed’s arm, there’s little time for him to adjust. The arm is a threat to all of the undead – not just Ed – and it’s Ed’s responsibility (according to his new friends) to take care of it. Once he finds out that it’s possessed by the spirit of a deranged clown, Ed knows just where to find it. But finding it and defeating it are two different things. Can Ed take the arm down before it destroys anything else?

This was hysterically gross and I enjoyed it immensely – even though I’m not a 7-12 year old boy (the ideal audience for this insanity). Yuck! And, yay! Although Ed gets his arm back, the spirit of the clown “lives” on! There will be sequels. Unless Ed loses too many body parts, which is entirely possible given he’s a zombie.

“I looked down at my empty arm socket and my weedy, tattered body but decided to man up and look hard anyway. I even spat on the ground, just to show I was ready for a dustup. Sadly, it didn’t work because a good third of my tongue hit the ground along with the spit. I guess it was the effort that counted…” (p. 69)

Reviewed by YA Librarian