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Volunteens New Library Survey

The library's building project is finally, mostly complete! We reopened in February 2022 after finishing the remodel of the existing building and the new addition. If you've had a chance to visit the library since then, we would love to hear your thoughts about the NEW library. Please fill out the survey below.
Your Name(Required)
What stands out? What are you excited about? Was there anything you liked/disliked about it? Any other thoughts?
What new library services/features are you planning to use, if any?(Required)
Note: The Recording Studio is still a work in progress and will be coming soon!
Do you think you will visit the library more often now?(Required)
Be specific!

Creative Studio

The library has a new Creative Studio/makerspace! We are in the process of purchasing additional equipment for this space and would love to have your input. We are also offering some classes in the space to introduce people to the equipment, and our Creative Studio manager, Alex, is starting to take appointments to work with individuals on various projects. What would you like to see in the Creative Studio? (If you are not interested in the Creative Studio, you may skip to the next section.)
We currently have several different 3D printers (Creality CR-30 belt printer, Prusa i3 MK3S+ 3D printer, Sculpto 2 3D printer, ELEGOO Saturn), a laser cutter (FSL Muse Core Desktop C02 Laser Cutter), a Singer sewing machine + serger (plus some sewing and quilting supplies), crochet hooks and knitting needles, a lightbox (for lighting objects/photography), 2 laminators, Silhouette Cameo 3, Silhouette Curio, Silhouette Mint, as well as some digital conversion equipment (VHS to DVD, Cassette to MP3, LP to MP3).

Recording Studio

The Recording Studio is still under construction - equipment is due to be installed soon! We will have sound and recording equipment to create quality audio, music, and video productions. Library patrons will require training to use this space/equipment. (If you are not interested in the Recording Studio, you may skip to the next section!)
Projects might include homework assignments, podcasts, videos, song recording, etc.

Gaming Room

The Gaming Room opened in September 2022. So far we have purchased one game system - Nintendo Switch - and have multiple games for that system. We are considering other systems/games for this space as well. What would you like to play? (If you are not interested in the Gaming Room, you may skip to the next section.)
You may list as many game systems as you like.
You may list as many games as you like. Please indicate what system (example: Untitled Goose Game for Nintendo Switch).

Library Use of the Past

This section of the survey is about whether you used the library before we added on/remodeled, how you used it, and how often.
How often did you visit the library in the past? (before this year, 2022)(Required)
If you did visit the library in the past, for what reasons did you visit?
Select all that apply.
If you did not visit the library in the past, why not?
Select all that apply.

Library Services

This section of the survey asks about your experiences with library services and library staff (assuming you have had any interactions with them).
What kinds of assistance have you received from library staff?(Required)
How would you describe your interactions with library staff?(Required)
Use your imagination! Some libraries also offer passport application services, food pantries, tutoring, etc. Share your ideas for new library services below (they can be BRAND NEW - no one is doing this! or New-to-HAPL services).

Library Events

The Huntley Library offers many different programs for all different ages. We have events that are age-specific (babies, elementary school, tween, high school, adults, seniors) as well as family and all ages events.
Have you ever attended or participated in a library event/program?(Required)
List events you took part in. If you don't remember exactly which ones, you can be more general (example: art classes, book club, summer reading, college prep class, volunteering).
What events would you be likely to attend if the library offered them? These can be things the library already does, or things you *wish* the library offered. List as many as you like. You can list categories of events (like, more art classes), or be more specific (I want to learn how how to draw with pastels).

You're finished!

Thanks for taking our New Library Survey! We want the library to be a welcoming place that offers you materials and services that are valuable and useful to you, and we appreciate your input!
To receive volunteer credit, please enter how many minutes it took you to complete this survey in the space below.
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