Crossed – Read It and Rate It

Crossed Matched #2 by Ally Condie Dystopian Science Fiction Review #1 * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) Crossed is the second book out of three in its series. I have read the first, Matched, and just finished Crossed. This book was about Cassia finding Ky again and being together in the Rising to take down the Society. Cassia and Ky meet people who they come to love as friends on their adventure to find … Read more

Divergent – Read It and Rate It

Divergent Divergent #1 by Veronica Roth Adventure Dystopia Science Fiction Thriller Review #1 * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) When Beatrice takes her aptitude test her results are inconclusive and she is called Divergent, a word that could cause death. Beatrice chooses the Dauntless faction and changes her name to Tris and is instantly in danger from the other transfers, the Erudite, and what she is. The book is an amazing read because of … Read more

Line – book review

The Line by Teri Hall Dystopian Juvenile Fiction Tween * * * * Stars (Great!) More, more, more!!! That’s what I wanted after finishing “The Line” by Teri Hall. In this dystopian tale, Rachel learns that the area known as “Away” used to be a part of her own country. This area was shut off completely from the rest of civilization as a protection against a nuclear attack. Everyone living there was left to live … Read more

Prophet of Yonwood – Read It and Rate It

The Prophet of Yonwood Books of Ember #3 by Jeanne DuPrau Dystopian Realistic Fiction Mystery Review #1 * * * * Stars (Great!) This is almost as good as The City of Ember. It is its prequel and has the same charm. A teenage girl is going with her aunt to her deceased grandfather’s house to fix it up and sell it. She finds that she loves the house and wants to stay. But, there … Read more

People of Sparks – Read It and Rate It

The People of Sparks Books of Ember #2 by Jeanne DuPrau Dystopian Mystery Realistic Fiction * * * * Stars (Great!) This is a pretty good book. It might not have been as good as the first, The City of Ember, but it is still almost as creative. When Lisa and Doon come up from the City of Ember, they find a town that agrees to shelter and feed them, but it is not that … Read more

Pretties – Read It and Rate It

Pretties Uglies series #2 by Scott Westerfeld Dystopian Mystery Science Fiction Thriller Review #1 * * * * Stars (Great!) This is the sequel to Uglies, by Scott Westerfeld, so it follows the same basic storyline kind of. After Uglies, Tally has the operation (to become a Pretty) and forgets all about the Smoke until she meets Zane, who helps her remember. Shay also remembers Tally’s betrayal and gets her revenge at the end of … Read more

Among the Hidden – Read It and Rate It

Among the Hidden Shadow Children #1 by Margaret Peterson Haddix Dystopian Mystery Thriller Science Fiction Review # 1 * * * * Stars Who wouldn’t love this book!?! This book will get everybody hooked! This book is about a boy named Luke who is a third child. Nowadays, it doesn’t matter how many kids a family has, but in Luke’s time you were only allowed to have 2 children. So, every day Luke has to … Read more

Hunger Games – book review

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins Adventure Dystopian Science Fiction * * * * * Stars Katniss lives in district 12 (the coal mining district) of Panem – a nation built on the ruins of North America. Every year, 2 teens (ages 12 – 18) are chosen by lottery from each district to compete in the Hunger Games – a specially staged battle to the death where only one winner emerges. When Katniss’ younger sister … Read more