Stand Straight, Ella Kate – book review

Stand Straight, Ella Kate: The True Story of a Real Giant by Kate Klise illustrated by M. Sarah Klise Biography Nonfiction Picture Book * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) Ella Kate grew up in the late 1800s. She started life in the normal way, but when she was 7 years old she started growing rapidly, quickly outdistancing her peers. She didn’t stop growing until she was 22 years old, and by then she was … Read more

Little Whistle – book review

Little Whistle by Cynthia Rylant illustrated by Tim Bowers Picture book * * * Stars (Pretty good) Little Whistle is a small brown guinea pig who lives in a toy shop called Toytown. He sleeps all day because at night he has adventures visiting all of his friends (the toys) in the shop. On his very first night in the shop, he meet s a sailor who lets him borrow his pea coat, which Little … Read more

Evolution of Calpurnia Tate – book review

The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate by Jacqueline Kelly Historical Fiction Realistic Fiction * * * * Stars (Great!) Eleven-year-old Calpurnia Tate has the utter misfortune of being the only girl right in the middle of a family full of boys. Because of this, there are some expectations put on her by her mother. Calpurnia struggles to improve her sewing, knitting, and cooking because in 1899 a girl is expected to do these well. She really … Read more

Heart of a Shepherd – book review

Heart of a Shepherd by Rosanne Parry Juvenile Fiction Realistic Fiction * * * Stars (Pretty good) Heart of a Shepherd is a touching and memorable story of family loyalty and faith. Ignatius “Brother” Alderman, nearly twelve, is in charge of the family ranch when his father leaves for Iraq with his Army Reserve Unit. Birthing calves, raising newborn lambs, and fighting wildfires are all part of a rancher’s duty, and Brother accepts it all … Read more

What to Expect When You’re Expecting Larvae – book review

What to Expect When You’re Expecting Larvae: A Guide for Insect Parents (and Curious Kids) by Bridget Heos Nonfiction * * * * Stars (Great!) Bridget Heos presents and answers the questions expecting insect parents might have IF they were capable of asking questions (and needed the answers) in an informative and amusing way. “Congratulations, insect parent-to-be! You must be very excited. You may be feeling proud but also a little scared. Your babies will … Read more

Wonder of Charlie Anne – book review

The Wonder of Charlie Anne by Kimberly Newton Fusco Historical Fiction * * * * Stars (Great!) This is the poignant story of Charlie Anne and her family during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Charlie Anne’s mother has recently died in childbirth and her tough unemotional cousin, Mirabel has arrived to take care of the family. Life is a never ending round of chores for Charlie Anne who misses her mother desperately. The final … Read more

Strange Case of Origami Yoda – book review

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger Juvenile Fiction Realistic Fiction * * * Stars (Pretty good) Dwight, 7th grader, is kind of a dork. He’s awkward and he’s always doing weird things that make it clear he’s lacking in the social skills department. He’s also an origami folding genius. His greatest creation so far is an origami Yoda, which gives advice when Dwight puts him on his finger. Other kids are drawn … Read more

Alchemyst – book review

The Alchemyst The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel book 1 by Michael Scott Fantasy Mythology * * * Stars (Pretty Good) Josh and Sophie (twins) are spending the summer with their aunt in California while their parents are away on an archaeological dig. Josh is working at a bookstore, and Sophie is working in a coffee shop right across the street when the bookstore’s owner, Nick, is attacked by magic and monsters. That’s when … Read more

Tale Dark and Grimm – book review

A Tale Dark and Grimm by Adam Gidwitz Adventure Fantasy * * * Stars (Pretty good) Hansel and Gretel are royal siblings, born to royal parents who chop their heads off (they’re fine, don’t worry!) to show their loyalty to their steadfast servant, Faithful Johannes. When the children find out what their parents have done, they run away (to find better parents – ones who aren’t likely to separate their heads from their shoulders) – … Read more

Skellig – book review

Skellig by David Almond Fantasy * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) In his dilapidated garage, Michael hears movement, and digging through the dirt and junk, he finds a creature that seems to be part man and part bird or angel. He is filthy, smelly and apparently near to starvation. As disturbing as this discovery is, it is the least of Michael’s worries. The new house is a mess, his parents are distracted, and his … Read more

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