Wynd 1 – book review

Wynd Book 1: Flight of the Prince by James Tynion IV + Michael Dialynas Fantasy Graphic Novel LGBTQ+ Teen/Adult * * * * Stars (Great!) When the King turns his attention to the “weirdbloods,” Wynd’s adoptive family attempts to sneak him out of town and get him somewhere safe. But the King’s henchman, the Bandaged Man, can sniff out anyone with magical blood and Wynd’s scent is particularly distictive. Their violent pursuit leaves a swathe … Read more

Sunny Makes a Splash – book review

Sunny Makes a Splash Sunny #4 by Jennifer and Matthew Holm Graphic Novel Historical Fiction Realistic Fiction Tween (grades 4+) * * * * Stars (Great!) Summer is here! And most of Sunny’s friends are off doing other things while Sunny is home babysitting her little brother. Until she lucks into a job at the pool working at the concession stand. She makes lots of new friends there among the life guards and gets to … Read more

Take a Hike (November 2021)

Take a hike this fall and share a photo of your adventure using the form below. Teens (grades 6-12) and adults can pick up a kit at the Information Desk this November (starting November 1, 2021, 1 kit per person, while supplies last) and plan their own hike. Where will you hike? If you need some ideas you can research locations in McHenry County and Kane County. If you weren’t able to snag a kit, … Read more

Horse Trouble – book review

Horse Trouble by Kristin Varner Juvenile Graphic Novel Realistic Fiction Tween * * * Stars (Pretty good) Kate is a middle schooler who loves horses and has been obsessed with them since she was 7 (she’s now 12). Although she can’t afford to have her own horse, she has been taking riding lessons over the past 4 years and is becoming an accomplished rider, though she does seem to fall off a lot. She pays … Read more

Running with Sherman – book review

Running with Sherman by Christopher McDougall Biography Nonfiction Adults/teens * * * * Stars (Great!) Christopher McDougall and his family rescue a donkey (Sherman) from a hoarding situation and work hard to bring him back to health. Sherman surprises them all with his determination to survive and overcome his previous circumstances and McDougall comes up with the wild idea of training and entering him in a team long-distance donkey race. Recruiting family, friends, and neighbors, … Read more

Fuzz – book review

Fuzz: When Nature Breaks the Law by Mary Roach Nonfiction Adults/older teens * * * * Stars (Great!) What happens as human and animal habitats overlap more and more? What do we do about bears that break into dumpsters and houses and vehicles? Birds that swarm farms, crops, and airfields? And other creatures that make pests of themselves? Communities have tried all kinds of solutions ranging from extermination to relocation and all kinds of interesting options … Read more

Witch Alone – book review

A Witch Alone Apprentice Witch #2 by James Nicol Fantasy Juvenile Fiction Mystery Tween Young Adult Fiction * * * Stars (Pretty good) Arianwyn’s experience with the forgotten glyphs brings her to the attention of the High Elder, who wants her to go on a quest to retrieve a special book that is supposed to contain more of them. Although Arianwyn will have companions, they aren’t allowed to reveal the true purpose of their mission. … Read more

Space Boy (series) – book review

Space Boy (series) by Stephen McCranie Graphic Novel Mystery Realistic Fiction Science Fiction Teen Tween * * * * * Stars (Amazing) When Amy’s father loses his job at the mine, the family is forced to leave the mining colony and return to Earth – a journey that will require them to be cryogenically frozen (so they will not age) and will take 30 years. By the time they arrive, Amy’s best friend Jemma will … Read more

Music of Bees – book review

The Music of Bees by Eileen Garvin Realistic Fiction Adult/older teen * * * * * Stars (Amazing!) Alice Holtzman, now in her forties, always wanted to do something special with her life, but after losing her much beloved husband and facing up to the facts that her job is a placeholder for the things she really wants, she’s starting to question her choices. Now she’s planning to expand her beekeeping hobby into a business, … Read more