Hidden Oracle – book review

The Hidden Oracle
The Trials of Apollo #1
by Rick Riordan
Audio Edition
* * * * Stars (Great!)

The Greek god, Apollo, has been transformed into a teenage boy named Lester – complete with acne and flab!  He’s not sure why he’s being punished (or what for), but he quickly discovers he’s in danger.  He’s lost most of his godly powers and those that remain are hampered by his mortal body’s limitations.  Almost immediately, he meets demigod, Meg McCaffrey, and with the assistance of Percy Jackson, they make their way to Camp Half-Blood to seek Chiron’s counsel.  There they learn that campers have been disappearing.  Also, the Oracle of Delphi has been taken over by the monster, Python.  Apollo – with Meg’s help – discovers that an ancient Roman emperor is behind it all, and intends to control ALL of the oracles.  An exciting and suspenseful series opener.  Apollo’s vanity is amusing and he grows a lot as a mortal character.

Reviewed by YA Librarian


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