Iron Trial – book review

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The Iron Trial
Magisterium #1
by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare
* * * * Stars (Great!)

Callum Hunt is going to do his best to fail his entrance exam to the Magisterium. His father has warned him that magic is dangerous and the mages will try to kill him, and despite these warnings and his own fear and misgivings, he is taken on as an apprentice by one of the Masters. After a period of adjustment where Call continues to give everyone around him grief, he learns that he can either cooperate and learn how to control his magic, or he can have his magic bound and his memories of it stripped away. When they put it that way… Call eventually opens up to and becomes friends with his fellow apprentices Aaron and Tamara. They make a good team, and find plenty of ways to get themselves into trouble. Things take a dark turn, however, after Call discovers his father is hiding something from him, something about him, and after Aaron discovers he is a chaos magician (a Makar). What these things will mean for their future is yet unknown! Some delightful plot twists will keep readers guessing.

Reviewed by YA Librarian