Place to Hang the Moon – Read It and Rate It

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A Place to Hang the Moon
by Kate Albus
Historical Fiction
Realistic Fiction

Review #1
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
Why is a book with a loving family in it more enjoyable to read? In a place to hang the moon by Kate Albus, there are three siblings named William, Edmund, and Anna who live in London, England. When their grandmother dies, they have to come up with a plan to find someone who will take them in. Their grandmother’s solicitor comes up with a far-fetched plan to get them guardians: evacuate with the other children out of London. This is set during the WWII evacuations from London. The children have to fight through different homes, including difficult foster brothers, and no food. But the threesome are not people to be daunted by obstacles. Fighting through them, they will rise and fall together. One of my favorite things from the book is this: William, as the oldest is the one who has any memories of the children’s late parents. He tells his siblings that their mother always thought that they could ‘Hang the moon’. Later, the person they hope to become their guardian tells someone that ‘I always thought that they could hang the moon in the very heavens if they wanted to.’ Many adoption stories I have read have not been as well-written as this one. Kate Albus weaves an enjoyable and heartfelt tale through her story. This is her debut novel, and I fully recommend it!

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