Possums Are NOT Cute! – book review

Possums Are NOT Cute!
And Other Myths About Nature’s Most Misunderstood Critter
by Ally Burguieres
(for 5th grade – adult)
* * * * Stars (Great!)

Ally Burguieres got involved with wildlife rehabilitation (specifically helping opossums survive illness, injury, and loss) and never looked back! She discovered that many of the ideas people held about opossums were misconceptions – they were not ugly, dirty, or aggressive. In fact, they were adorable, clean, shy, and remarkably intelligent. While they are not good candidates for pets (they are nocturnal and get into EVERYTHING), opossums that can’t be released back into the wild can be ambassadors for their species – educating people about what they’re really like. Learn more about opossums and their relatives in this ‘possum primer. You’ll find yourself developing a passion for them as well! An excellent, insightful, and informative look at possums.

Reviewed by YA Librarian

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