Premeditated Myrtle – Read It and Rate It

Premeditated Myrtle
Myrtle Hardcastle series, book #1
by Elizabeth C. Bunce
Realistic Fiction

Review #1
* * * * * Stars (Amazing!)
Myrtle Hardcastle has grown up around crime. After all, her father is the town prosecutor and her mother was a doctor. However, when crime appears nextdoor, Myrtle’s father does not want her poking around. Elusively, Myrtle and her governess, Miss Judson, investigate the crime anyway. Miss Judson, though more of a friend than governess, does have standards for Proper Ladies. But there has never been a murder nextdoor! There are many suspects, and Myrtle will have to sift through all of them before the murderer strikes again. This book, though a murder mystery, is enjoyable for younger teens and middle school children, not just people who enjoy mysteries. For kids, middle and high school teens, and adults.

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